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Macro Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators Value As at:
Broad Money Supply (M2) N31,794,803.4million Nov, 2018
Credit to the Private Sector (CPS) N23,082,756.6million Nov, 2018
Year-on-Year All Item Inflation Rate 11.44 Dec, 2018
Average Inter-bank Call Rate 14.0000
Monetary Policy Rate 14   1/14/2019
Treasury Bill Rate 91-Day Tenor 10.9
3-Month Tenor Deposit Rate of Banks 9.41
Nov, 2018
Monthly Average Prime Lending Rate 16.64
Nov, 2018
Spot Price of Nigeria's Reference Crude Oil US$58.3 1/14/2019
Nigeria's Gross External Reserves US$43,100,152,684.8 1/15/2019

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Facts : 1/16/2006
The Cowry:The Cowry has, for centuries, served our people as an important form of currency. In 1860 the following system was in use: 40 Cowries formed a "String"; 50 Strings made a "head" and 10 heads comprised a "bag". In Lagos in 1865 one bag of 20,000 shells was exchanged for one or two English Pounds.
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